Saticoy Council

Convention Report

I am pleased to report all resolutions were passed, including the 3 submitted from our Council. It was announced that the State newspaper would be resurrected, two issues in the next  Columbian year, to be mailed to all members. Ivan Reek is our State Deputy-elect. Our local candidate for State Warden, Brian Klinge did not get elected. It was unusual to have 3 candidates running for office, so I suspect the vote was severely fractured with 3 candidated to choose from. We can only hope Brother Brian will choose to run again in the near future. I am pleased to report our Insurance agent was recognized for most members recruited, receiving a 3rd place plaque. Sacred Heart council, participating in Division 3, received a 1st place plaque. Although I accepted the plaque, the recognition goes to all the Brother Knights of our Council who made it possible to be in that position. Thank you for allowing me to represent you.

Robert Oropeza, PGK, FS